Update 10/08/2020

Dear SuperRevel Family.

As the year has progressed, we have been working tirelessly on combating the delays that have taken place during these unprecedented times as a result of COVID-19.

94% of our orders are being shipped out within our standard crafting times between 3 to 15 days, however, there is still a small percentage of orders that are taking a bit longer to arrive due to external conditions to our part and measures and restrictions that some countries have taken when receiving products from other countries.

If you have any concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@superrevel.com or here and we will be happy to assist you further.

Update 08/25/2020

The global situation continues to be uncertain and has not yet returned to normal, which is why our shipping companies continue to have countries in which they do not have available air capacity. That’s why we would like to remind you that the quality and normal transit times cannot yet be guaranteed.

Update 03/04/2020

At SuperRevel our priority is the health and safety of our customers, employees, partners, and the most vulnerable members of our communities. We hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy during the (COVID-19) global pandemic. Our thoughts are with those affected by the virus around the world.

As the impacts of COVID-19 continue, and in some countries the infection rate has decreased, SuperRevel closely monitoring the guidelines and protocols set forth by the CDC the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). SuperRevel is implementing all recommended health and hygiene procedures. We want to ensure that we are keeping our community safe, while also continuing to provide you with quick and reliable service.

Our fulfillment staff has increased safety measures at every step of the production process, such as wearing face masks and practicing social distancing while printing your orders. Our facility and equipment are being sanitized before, during, and after every shift. We’re also encouraging our team members to take paid time off if they, or their family, are feeling ill or need time to cope with the stress of the pandemic.

For the safety of our workers, please be patient with us if there is a delay in receiving your order. We have extended our processing times to maintain the necessary health protocols that will keep our team safe and healthy during this time. If you have any questions about the status of your order, please reach out to our customer service here.

Please let us know you have any questions. We will continue to keep you informed of any changes and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. We’re inspired by the resilience and spirit of our communities; we’re proud to continue to serve you every day.

SuperRevel Team